Rosaline Canessa

Spatial Science & Mathematics Building (SS&M) Rm A239
Department of Geography
University of Victoria
Victoria BC Canada V8W3R4

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My background lies in marine biology (BSc), coastal resource development and protection (MSc(Eng)), and GIS-based decision support systems (PhD). Between various stages of my academic career, I have worked as a marine environmental consultant for 8 years in Scotland, the Caribbean and Canada on a wide range of projects including integrated coastal management, marine protected areas, marine recreation, aquaculture, offshore oil and gas, marine ecological classification, environmental impact assessments, marine data management, GIS analysis and coastal atlases.

Since 2003 I have been a faculty member in the Geography Department at the University of Victoria. My research focuses on: (1) coastal planning and management and marine protected areas, and (2) the development and evaluation of spatial tools to improve decision making relating to marine conservation and use. Most of my research takes place in British Columbia. I teach in courses on Environment, Society and Sustainability, Geography of the Coastal Zone, Coastal and Marine Resources, Coastal Field Studies, Introduction to Geographical Information, Introduction to Geographic Information Science and Advanced GIS.


My research interests include integrated coastal management, multiple use planning, marine protected areas, collaborative and participatory GIS, marine geovisualisation, community mapping and, Marxan and Marxan for Zoning.

Current research projects include:
- collaborative GIS using Marxan for MPA zoning;
- seascape visualisation of Bowie Seamount;
- place attachment and coastal community mapping of Saanich Inlet, British Columbia; and
- protected areas and poverty reduction in Canada, Tanzania and Ghana.

Publication and Presentation Highlights

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