Canessa Curriculum Vitae

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Canessa, R. In press. Implementing GIS for coastal management in British Columbia. Keynote address to be presented at CoastGIS '03, Genova, Italy 16 - 18 October, 2003.

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Technical/Professional Reports

Environmental Assessment of the North Island Straits Integrated Coastal Plan. Report prepared for Coast and Marine Planning Branch, B.C. Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management (Principal investigator).
Management Direction for Bowie Seamount MPA - Links between Protection, Research and Use. Report prepared for World Wildlife Fund (Principal invesigator).

Independent Assessment of Satellite Channel Ecological Reserve 67 with respect to the GSX Pipeline. 2002. Report prepared for Environmental Stewardship Division, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection (Principal investigator).
Management of Victoria Harbour Navigation Activities - Air Quality and Noise Impact Screening. 2002. Report prepared for Transport Canada (Principal investigator).
Shellfish Culture Capability Appraisal for the North Coast Region. 2002. Report prepared for B.C. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Contributing author).
Socio-economic Assessment of the Proposed Beaufort Sea Marine Protected Area. 2002. Report prepared for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Principal investigator).

British Columbia Marine Ecological Classification - Update. 2001. Report prepared for the B.C. Land Use Coordination Office (Principal investigator).
The Scott Islands Proposed Protected Marine Area - A preliminary Socio-economic Overview. 2001. Report prepared for Canadian Wildlife Service (Principal investigator).

Detailed Environmental Screening of Proposed Summer Submersible Operations: Helliwell Provincial Park. 2000. Report prepared for B.C. Parks (Contributing author).
Feasibility Study of Folkestone Marine Management Area and Carlisle Bay Marine Recreational Park. 2000. Report prepared for Ministry of Enviroment, Energy and Natural Resources, Government of Barbados (Contributing author).
Greenland Arctic Shoreline Oil Spill Sensitvity Application. 2000. Report prepared for Arctic Environment, National Environmental Research Institute (Contributing author).
Review of the Impacts of Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Operations on Marine and Shorebird Species in Baynes Sound, British Columbia. 2000. Report prepared for B.C. Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, B.C. Assets and Lands Coproration and Canadian Wildlife Service (Contributing author).
Spatial Analysis of Macaulay Outfall Marine Monitoring Program. 2000. Report prepared for Capital Regional District (Contributing author).

B.C. Shorekeepers Information Management Module. 1999. Report prepared for Marine Environment and Habitat Science Division, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Principal investigator).
Support in Implementing Geographic Information System within the Department of Planning and Development, Nevis, West Indies. 1999. Report prepared for Natural Resource Management Unit, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (Principal investigator).

A Methodology to Identify and Map Marine Sensitive Zones Relative to the B.C. Forest Practices Code. 1997. Report prepared for the B.C. Land Use Coordination Office (Contributing author).