Our Projects

The list below shows some of the projects that CORAL researchers are currently involved with. Take a look at Our Publications to read more and see some of the other work done through this lab.

  Whale watching AIS Vessel movement Evaluation

WAVE: Whale watching AIS Vessel movement Evaluation is a three year project (Sep. 2018 – Feb. 2021) funded by MEOPAR and exactEarth that aims to increase the understanding of whale watching activities using AIS (Automatic Identification System), and to determine the feasibility of utilizing AIS data as a tool for informing whale watching operations as well as policies and regulations related to safety, conservation and vessel traffic management measured.

  Noise Exposure to the Marine Environment from Ships

NEMES: Noise Exposure to the Marine Environment from Ships is a research project designed to explore and improve the modeling of ship traffic using AIS as an indicator of noise. This work aims to help government, industry and individuals make better decisions to mitigate marine noise impacts in Pacific and Arctic Canadian waters. The research has three themes - vessel traffic modelling, cumulative noise modelling, and applications for policy and planning.

  Saltwater Sketches

Saltwater Sketches aims to engage the public in the wonders of the marine and coastal environments and increase awareness of the many threats that face these valuable and vulnerable places. This project involves the use of cartoons, animation and activities as a medium for delivering important messages on coastal and marine matters and for inspiring public interest on the seas that surround us.

  Sidney Spit Visualization Project

The Sidney Spit Visualization Project involves the development of a realistic, interactive and immersive visualization for the purposes of research it as a tool for facilitating inclusive approaches to coastal management and governance. The visualization models Sidney Spit Park, which is part of the Gulf Island National Park Reserve, and people can use the visualization to explore both terrestrial and marine areas of the park.