Molly Fraser

Staff Member: 

David Turpin Building
GIS Laboratory Rm A236
Department of Geography
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC
V8W 3R4

Phone: 1-250-891-4540

Molly was born and raised on the west coast of Vancouver Island in a remote community. Growing up in this community, Molly was fortunate enough to be surrounded by the incredible wildlife that Vancouver Island boasts. She acquired an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Victoria in 2018, with a focus on the environment and sustainability and she acquired an MSc in August 2020 researching at small vesel interactions with cetaceans in the Salish Sea. She published an article in Marine Policy entitled: Compliance of small vessels to minimum distance regulations for humpback and killer whalesin the Salish Sea.

Molly's research and professional interests lie with marine spatial planning, marine protected areas management, cetacean conservation, and marine vessel activities, particularly small vessels. She also has proficiency with various geovisualization and analytical tools including ArcGIS and RStudio programming. Her love for wildlife, especially cetaceans, has continued to grow over the years. Fun fact: she is an expert at identifying individual cetaceans by sight!