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Ocean Symposium!!! 2013

Living Oceans Society

Check out the mapping work our friends at Living Oceans Society are doing!

Eelgrass Mapping with SeaChange

Check out the time lapse video made by Ansley Charbonneau of our eelgrass mapping adventures at Coles Bay on May 8th, 2012!

Bridging the Gap between Science & Policy: Oil in Canadian Waters Workshop

Norma, Rosaline, and I are in Vancouver this week attending the Oil in Canadian Waters Workshop organized by Norma and fellow OCW researchers from Calgary, Dalhousie, Mt. Allison, Environment Canada and Coast Guard. It's the culmination of a 2 year project looking at modelling chronic small illicit oil discharges in Canadian waters. The workshop is being attended by managers from Transport Canada, Environment Canada, Canadian Coast Guard, and even a fellow American from Washington State's Department of Ecology. Lovely times with my fellow CORAL team members and new friends from across Canada!

Ways of Whales Workshop in Washington! (Love the Alliteration)

I had the opportunity to travel to Whidbey Island for a Whale Workshop last weekend with a some fellow whale enthusiasts- Megan & Leah- from Cetus Society ( There were some very interesting and entertaining presentations given on shifting trends in orca captivity, using DTAGS to study acoustics and behavior in killer whales, use of whale scat samples to determine killer whale health, and a really cool presentation on use of seismology instruments to study fin whales! The workshop was complete with a whale sing along as well, which Megan & Leah were quite fond of :)


Role Play Simulation Video

Introductory presentation video for individuals participating in a Collaborative GIS & Marine Spatial Planning Role Play Simulation w/ paper maps, desktop computer, & touch table!

CORAL Geovis Lab Visit

My sister came to visit the CORAL Group's Geovis Lab this week (well, she was really more or less dragged there by Caty), and she was so enthralled with exploring her old stomping grounds in Kitui, Kenya that I had to then drag her away from the table so that we could keep our tight schedule of visits to beaches, seals, Swan's, & totem poles!

Here's a video for us to try on the Wall

Open Data Kit & Google Earth

We had a fun field experiment this morning, collecting data on tree health within our local urbanscape using android devices! We then uploaded our data, along with that of our colleagues, and visualized a map in Google Fusion Tables.

Google Tour

Google Earth Tour of my "fake" hike in Strathcona Park

Google Map

Caty learning how to embed a "My Places" Google Map into a blog page! (Disclaimer: this is a made up context and purely a learning exercise; Caty did not actually go on a hike in Strathcona, nor did she snap a photo of a bear, or video of said bear. Photos & videos can be found on youtube, and wikipedia.)


Rosaline's Presentations

"What lies beneath: Explorations in seascape visualization"

Rosaline gave an awesome presentation about the use of landscape visualization software applied to marine environments. She got lots of positive feedback from some very intrigued colleagues!

"Modelling and visualizing vulnerability of coastal systems to environmental change"

Rosaline's second presentation was first thing this morning; she co-presented with her sabbatical colleague (and lovely individual!), Darius Bartlett about their work together at the University of Cork.


City Walk: Oostende

A torrential downpour (result of the remnants of Hurricane Irene I'm told) didn't stop me from taking a little walking tour of the lovely city of Oostende!

CoastGIS 2011 Spotlight 1

A presentation that I found particularly fascinating on our first day of the conference: here’s a brief synopsis (which doesn’t really do it justice)!

“The use of spatial narratives to promote stewardship of coastal resources” by Dr. Dave Hart, University of Wisconsin

Spatial Narrative: “The spatial narrative is a conceptual framework to bring the qualitative experience of place together with the geoscience analysis of space.”-Janet Silbernagel

Dave discussed the use of spatial narratives in a variety of contexts:


Coast GIS 2011

Greetings from Oostende, Belgium! Rosaline & I arrived in London about 7am Monday morning and made our way to Belgium via train by 5pm that evening. Caty was very excited about the 2 extra stamps she received on her passport! After 27 years of being confined to the North American continent, I was feeling like a fraud as a “geographer”…now I can wear my title proudly with my first trip overseas to a foreign land!

But, I digress…let’s get back to the CoastGIS conference!

Cadboro Bay

CORAL Group's First Experiment in our Newly Built Lab!

PGIS Experiment: Contrasting ArcGIS, Google Earth, and OpenLayers on Touch Tables


Sepp Strobl visits CORAL

I had the pleasure of a sit-down in the new CORAL Lab with Josef Strobl from the University of Salzburg. Sepp was one of my supervisors during my 2003-2004 post-doc research years at Z_GIS in the lovely city of Salzburg. Note to self: remove building scrap wood before May workshops!

Aleja, Caty and Charles test the ArcGIS Extension for Circle Twelve touch-tables

Congratulations to Caty and Norma, and thank-you Adam for your support getting all 3 of our touch tables upa and running with ArcGIS!

CORAL Lab hosts Role Playing Simulation for GEOG 539: Seminar in NRM


CORAL Lab hosts GEOG 539: Seminar in Natural Resources Management